The Sweetest Husband and Daddy

Josh was thoughtful and sweet to me on my birthday.  He got our babysitter, Ashley, to come over at 3:00 to watch our kids for us.  We went SHOPPING for me!  So fun.  I “needed” some new things for Spring/Summer.  We went to Perimeter and tried on jeans at Nordstroms.  I have mentioned several times how much I despise trying on jeans.  UGH.  I went for the name brand ones that cost about $200.  Well, they weren’t life-changing, so I didn’t get them.  I wondered, “If $200 pairs of jeans still don’t work for me, what in the world am I supposed to do????”  SO, we got out of that store and went to the old and faithful shopping joint–THE LOFT.  It all works for me in there.  Thank goodness something does.  I found TWO pair of jeans for a total of half of what one pair at the fancy place would have been.  And Josh encouraged me to get several shirts, several skirts, and was so sweet the whole time.  We went to Maggiano’s for dinner, which was so good.  It was a very fun time.  And I just wanted to post that Josh is a wonderful husband who takes such good care of us.  I am always telling the kids how great he is.  They need to know that having a dad so caring, generous, thoughtful, fun, involved, and who loves the Lord is extremely rare!  We are blessed, indeed.


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  1. YAY LOFT!!!!! (and Josh too 🙂 )! Did you know there is a LOFT outlet in Dawsonville now? It is so great!

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