Mack’s Two Year Appointment

Mack had his two year check up last week.  He checked out great except for some minor ear issues.  He remains a “big boy.”  My girls were “big girls,” too.  Josh and I aren’t surprised.  We aren’t small, petite people.  Here is Mack’s info from the visit:  Height, 36 3/8″ (90%), Weight, 34lbs,8oz (97%) and Head, 52 cm (97%).  I have some of the girl’s information written down on slips of paper and thrown in a bag for them to rummage through later in life and talk about how they wish I had kept up with this stuff much better.  Oh well.  


dsc_0449I remember a day when I thought I was totally stuck in “Baby World.”  I am glad to see that is not true.  They do grow up.  They do feed themselves.  They do, they do!  Sometimes sad to think about, but usually not.