Home. Again.

So, I was thinking I would go to the Mall today to just get out of this house. Well, the morning started off pretty rough. Molly woke up as soon as my big toe touched the carpet. Ruby had been sleeping with us since some time in the night because of an accident in the bed. Then, Mack, once I went in to get him, was SOAKED from head to toe with tee-tee. What am I doing wrong here??? Anyway, it took me much longer to adjust to the day. Then, I decided to clean. We had to tell Mrs. Lee that we no longer could pay her for her services. It is sad. I know that I needed her services for the past six months because I really was at a bad, overwhelming place when she started. She helped relieve some craziness from my life. However, now it is a luxury of which we are choosing not to pay for any longer. OK–so I am cleaning the house and contemplating maybe going to the mall when I see that there are slight snow flurries falling from the sky. I kid you not. How ridiculous is that? I decided at that moment that we were not leaving this house today. It is April 7th and snow flurries are falling. The world might be coming to an end. I don’t want to be at the mall if that happens.

2 thoughts on “Home. Again.

  1. I think I have a touch of cabin fever, also. Especially, since this was supposed to be a week of fun activities… zoo, park, playdates, sleepovers. The only day that is going to be pretty I already have plans with a friend. Oh well. I guess it’ll be video games and naps instead. ; )

  2. I would hate for the rapture to happen and all that was left of you was a pair of ill fitting teenage jeans. Even worse the jeans aren’t left behind and you meet Jesus in those jeans. Good choice!

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