The Recital is Drawing Near

I failed to include these photos when they were taken, so when I ran across them today, I decided to show them to you now.  Ruby and Molly have been taking each Monday at 3:15 up at the church.  They both enjoy it.  Mack and I wait in the parent viewing room and can watch them practice on a tv.  They are in different classes and each got their outfits a month or so back.  

dsc_0008Ruby was excited about the bright pink tu-tu she got.  She couldn’t believe that her tu-tu was so huge.  She kind of wanted it to NOT be so poofy because she didn’t know what to do with her arms.

dsc_0011I am not 100% sure, but it seemed that Molly seemed a bit slighted because her tu-tu is not nearly as poofy as Ruby’s.  During this picture time she did not smile or pose or dance around.  This was about all we got from her.  

dsc_0012dsc_0015Molly never did get real happy about trying on her tu-tu.  

And, well, this is how Mack felt about all the tu-tu poofyness……..


I hope he can handle a couple of hours of girls dancing around on May 9th during the recital!  We are already looking forward to it  (and it has nothing to do with the fact that once the recital is over I won’t have to dress two girls in tights, leotards, leg warmers, shoes, then load up all three kids, drive to church, unload three kids, walk up three flights of stairs, change two girls into ballet shoes, distract and entertain Mack for 45 minutes, change the girls back into their regular shoes, go back down three flights of stairs with three kids, load them up, head home and hurry and cook dinner….nothing).



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  1. Let Molly know that I think that her tutu is just perfect. Some things can be overdone and Ruby’s tutu might just be one of those things…haha! Oh, and cook dinner…really, Kristy. Whatcha’ cooking? Just kidding.

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