Cute little handwriters


Oh, that Ruby and Katherine!  They are just so sweet together.  I remember seeing Katherine in the nursery department as she and her daddy waited in the hallway for the teacher to get there.  I noticed her because she was the only other little girl that didn’t have any hair.  It was a comforting fact as I dropped my bald-headed baby (and eventually toddler) off each week.  Then, later, I met Katherine’s mama, Mrs. Mary.  She is one of the most kind-hearted gals I know!  I am so thankful the Lord brought our girls together; I am just as thankful to have Mary as one of my closest friends.  She is such a blessing to me.  Their  whole family is, actually!  Mack has Ben, Ruby has Katherine, and Molly and I share Mrs. Mary; when the men are together they talk real good, too.  🙂  We love the Koesters.

Aren’t these girls precious?  Only one more week of handwriting class.  I can’t believe it is over!  Ruby’s writing has greatly improved (thanks, Mrs. Heather!).

dsc_0441And, LOOK, they both have hair now.  Katherine’s is in a ponytail…she is working on Barbie-length hair!   

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  1. Oh Kristy! They look so big in these pictures…what two precious little girls!!! I think it is neat that Katherine and Ruby were friends before we even knew each sweet! Of course, now that we are friends they really have no choice!

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