Mack’s Two Year Appointment

Mack had his two year check up last week.  He checked out great except for some minor ear issues.  He remains a “big boy.”  My girls were “big girls,” too.  Josh and I aren’t surprised.  We aren’t small, petite people.  Here is Mack’s info from the visit:  Height, 36 3/8″ (90%), Weight, 34lbs,8oz (97%) and Head, 52 cm (97%).  I have some of the girl’s information written down on slips of paper and thrown in a bag for them to rummage through later in life and talk about how they wish I had kept up with this stuff much better.  Oh well.  


dsc_0449I remember a day when I thought I was totally stuck in “Baby World.”  I am glad to see that is not true.  They do grow up.  They do feed themselves.  They do, they do!  Sometimes sad to think about, but usually not.

One thought on “Mack’s Two Year Appointment

  1. love mack’s outfit! at first glance, i thought molly was ruby!? how weird is that?? anyway, i just wanted to tell you that i have looked at other people’s blogs and i have to say you do a WONDERFUL job at this! i LOVE reading it! the way you word everything is so comical! you should really consider writing a book! it’s not like you don’t have the extra time or anything!? lol! love you!

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