A “do” for Mack!

dsc_0006So today I decided to put some gel in Mack’s hair and blow dry it straight up.  He didn’t really like the process, but he hung in there for the two seconds.  When he went to show Ruby and Molly, Molly said, “That’s like Uncle Jason.  His hair sticks up.”  Very cute…we’ll see what Josh thinks.  


2 thoughts on “A “do” for Mack!

  1. Love, love, love it!!! I think he likes it, too. By the way, I found two more cars last night. We will bring them on Sunday. Annie said that one of them says, “Gemini pants.” I believe that’s Genuine parts on the VW van but what do I know.

    Love the “do”.

  2. I think it is adorable, but I showed Ben and he said,”I like his other hair.” After the comment on your straight hair, I think it is fair to say Ben is not one for change!

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