Molly is a mess.

Molly plays from time to time.  I cannot sit with her very long because she won’t let me touch anything or help in any way.  “No, Mama, I can do it all by myself.”  Fine.  It seems that she has been printing a lot of pages lately.  I find them and then tell  her, “Molly, you cannot push the button that prints.  It is wasting paper.  Do not click on the print button, sweetie.”  Her response is ALWAYS, “But I didn’t do it, Mama.  I didn’t.  I did not do it.”  I try to explain to her that she didn’t mean to do it and maybe didn’t know she did it, but SHE did it.  Today she brought up another paper to me.  I said, “Molly, what did I tell you about printing?”  She said, ” I didn’t do it.  I didn’t.  It was just there.”  She is hard-headed.  And she will not admit that though she didn’t mean to print, SHE DID PRINT THE SILLY PICTURE OF CURIOUS GEORGE!!!!!  OK.  That is off my chest.

One thought on “Molly is a mess.

  1. Three year olds….. they like to have the last word, don’t they. Love that Molly! I am glad Ruby is feeling better.

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