Valentine’s Day is on it’s way!

I love Valentine’s Day!  It is my favorite holiday…a fact that Josh thinks is hilarious.  I don’t know if it was all the heart shaped boxes of chocolate I got growing up or the heart shaped lipstick that I remember to this day.  My mom was always so great at making my dad look good to us on Valentine’s Day.  She bought us cute gifts and gave my Dad all the credit.  What a good mom.  I hope I can do that for my girls, too….and I hope Josh will be a part of the fun as well, as I am sure my dad was at some level.  🙂  Anyway, you hear a lot of talk about V-day being just another way to get people to spend money.  I disagree.  I mean, it could be that if you want it to be, but I view it as a chance to show you love someone in a creative way.  No doubt life is busy, and we don’t always show our love in neat ways or sometimes even at all.  So I want to take this day as an opportunity to DO something for those I live with to let them know that I love them.  

Today I was playing dollhouse with Ruby.  She had me being a man that was a delivery person, and she was the mommy and the three children inside the house.  The delivery man (me) said, “HI.  I have a special delivery for the mom of the house–a dozen roses and a box of chocolates.”  The mom (Ruby) paused for a second and then said, “Don’t you think the chocolates are for my kids?”  I think she didn’t want the kids to be left out….meaning, she doesn’t want to be left out on Valentine’s Day!….especially when it comes to chocolate!  I thought it was cute.  

Tonight at church we talked to the children about who their #1 Valentine should be….not mom or dad, though they love us a ton.  Not our brothers and sisters or friends, even though they love us a lot, too.  BUT, we have a God who sent Jesus to live on earth and then die on the cross for our sins and be raised from the dead.  I want to learn to think this way and act on this thought, that Jesus showed the ultimate love for me by dying for me.  Wow.  

“For God so LOVED the world that He gave His only Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”  John 3:16

Have fun thinking about how you are going to creatively show your love this V-Day!


I thought I end this with a picture of a chunky monkey that I will be loving on this gotta love those rolls.
I thought I end this with a picture of a chunky monkey that I will be loving on this gotta love those rolls.

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  1. Teaghan used to lie on the floor just like that! And she had some similar rolls…my kids called it her “sexy pose!” Which was funny until they tried to tell somebody at church about it. Then it didn’t sound so good!

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