A couple of years ago....all dressed up

Evidentally, my munchkins were born in the wrong family.  Josh and I clearly aren’t royalty.  However, these are some little comments I have heard in recent days.

Ruby: (in a sweet soft voice as Josh is fluffing her pillows and tucking her in) “Daddy, remember that I want breakfast in my bed in the morning.”

On another occasion, I walked in the kitchen and Molly said, “Hey, Mama, my feet are cold.  Could you warm them with your hands?”

And Mack, the little booger, takes a bite of food, then pulls my arm down to provide a soft place for him to lay his head while he eats!  I would take a picture of this, but I haven’t figured out how to get the camera and snap the photo without causing the little prince to have to eat holding his own head up.  

I could add a few comments about some things that Josh does that could suggest he thinks we live in some sort of royal palace, but we have a marriage retreat this weekend, and I would hate to start things off that way!  Ha!  I am TOTALLY KIDDING.  It is my joy to serve my husband in many diverse ways, and I am sure I could do a lot better at it.  (He scheduled me a facial and massage for the weekend, so I better stop right now and go get dinner fixed before I get myself in trouble!)  Ta-ta! 

3 thoughts on “Royalty

  1. Kristy, just be glad you don’t leave them with Gran for a week. They would come home REALLY feeling like royalty because I would have to treat them like little kings and queens. You know when they come to Gran’s house they pretty much just have to ask…. Now if I had 7 grandchildren like your Mom I probably would not spoil them so much but with just 3 I feel like I have to!

  2. It almost does not look like Molly, she has grown so much. Yes… our children have NO IDEA what a great life they have, do they?

    Enjoy your weekend and your facial/massage….. and TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!! 🙂

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