Two College Girls

I’m truly not sure how this happened so fast, but here we are with two of our kids in college! I’m so utterly exhausted at the moment that I don’t know where I am emotionally in regards to this. A four day nap would help me, but I don’t think that is going to happen.

We sent Mack off to his first day of Junior year, and then we hit the road with a plethora of stuff in tow.

We unloaded Ruby’s stuff on day one. It was a breeze getting her all set up!

We checked into our air bnb and then went to dinner at one of Molly’s roommate’s house. They were so kind to have us over and feed us.

The next day was all about Molly! It was a little more work getting her all set up but we got it all done. And Molly liked it, which made me happy! I don’t see her spending much time in her room though.

Josh is the best. Just an amazing dad and made sure Molly had everything she needed. We love him so much!

I’m so excited for Molly in her first year. I know she will make good friends and have a blast all along the way. I think she is such a free spirit that being enrolled in a college and doing what so many others are doing can seem unappealing. But once she finds her groove there will be no stopping her from having a great time and learning so much. Living with people might also help her find her voice and get some practice with confrontation in a healthy way.

The new cafeteria is amazing! And the food was delicious. We even tried out the new ice cream machine!

I miss them already! And I already sent mail because someone forgot their laptop charger😵‍💫 but I snuck in some fun surprises too.

We are praying the girls walk in all the purposes God has for them. I pray they learn more about who God is and how He made them. I’m praying they obey God in each moment and also get glimpses of what obeying Him could look like in their future. I’m praying for strong Christian friends to surround them and also that they would be a light for Christ to those they interact with. This is a special season of their lives and they get to be in a very special place…together! I’m beyond grateful for the ways the Lord provides for our family. And sending two kids to Liberty is near the top of the list. Go Flames!🔥

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