Taking the good with the bad

Yes, it’s sad for the girls to be gone. Yes, I like having their two sweet faces and personalities under our roof. But it’s time to have them gone. It would be more strange if they wanted to stay here when it’s time to start using their own wings out in the world. So as much as I miss them and wish I knew a little bit more about their days and nights, I am learning to enjoy some of the positives.

For example, currently there’s a sense of peace that each kid is on mission somewhere being productive and learning. And having a lot of fun doing it. They’re taking steps toward adulthood and independence every single day. That makes me happy.

Another huge positive is a clean house. And no more dorm room piles in every corner. No more wondering whose laundry is in the washer. No more late night friends over playing card games and no more walking by rooms where a child is “just resting” at 1:30pm while they watch a show. That’s not real life, and it annoyed me when it happened.

So today I’m choosing to be happy for the positives of launching young adults.

The house cleaners come tomorrow, and they’re probably going to be amazed that this is the same house as the one they cleaned a few weeks ago!

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