Edisto Beach 2023

What a fun week at Edisto! We celebrated the Fourth and enjoyed the sun, sand, food and time together.

I usually leave sad because I’m a brat I love the beach. It’s just so majestic and beautiful. And the warmth is amazing. So I’ve already booked a stay at Edisto for the girls’ college spring break! I can make it til March. And Josh says going to the beach even a few times a year is less expensive than buying a beach house. So that’s what we will do😎 well, at least once a year anyway.

We came home and unpacked and did some laundry. We scrounged for dinner and then took Mack to a parking lot to practice parking and three point turns since he will *hopefully* be getting his license very soon.

The thought of being done with teaching kids to drive makes me giddy. What a milestone that will be. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—I’d rather potty train 500 toddlers than teach a teenager to drive.

We’re also happy to be reunited with Rolo!

Here’s to enjoying July and counting down the days to the next beach trip!☀️🌊☀️🌊☀️🌊

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