New Season

Though Josh nor I feel old enough to be taking our child to college, this is what we found ourselves doing on August 18th.

Ruby and I drove to Virginia on Tuesday evening, spent Wednesday together running a few errands and registering her car with the school, and Josh met us that afternoon. Thursday morning we got up early and started moving her in.

Liberty has upper classmen dispersed at each dorm with smiles and huge red bins to load up your stuff. They do it all, and we just walk up to the room. It was very nice!

Ruby can’t understand all that has gone in to her being in this exact spot in this season. The Lord has ordered her steps, and we are deeply grateful! It’s such a comfort as a parent to rest in this truth and to continue to trust God with Ruby. He has provided so abundantly.

Getting her room all put together was fun! And she was happy with how it all turned out. Josh was so helpful, as usual. Such a great dad.

Leaving Ruby there went well. She did not shed a tear. And neither did we. It’s hard for me to be anything but super excited for her—I would love to go to a college like this!!! It could also be the fact that we had to get back for Molly’s birthday dinner, and then we had some things to do for Mack’s Friday night football game. This season of life is so full. Trying to take it all in, but sure I’m missing some of it.

Since leaving we have had only one face time call and a few texts. The girl has jumped in with both feet! She met girls on her hall, walked around downtown, went to an ice cream place with her hall, got her books at the bookstore, went to bingo night, went to the gym to learn football chants and cheers, and went to church and lunch this morning. Classes start Monday!

❤️💙We love you, Ruby!💙❤️ Praying you will grow and mature and walk in all the purposes God has for you. Call me some time.

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