Molly is 17!

Did Molly-in-the-Middle get our leftovers on her birthday? Maybe. But we did make it home to meet the group for her birthday dinner that she planned.

I left a new pair of shoes for her since I would be gone. But that was about the extent of it. We gave her cash and paid for dinner, of course.

Thankfully, sweet Bethany baked and brought some delicious cookie bars that we were able to share. Molly is #1 in our eyes🤩

In all seriousness, Molly is unique, fun, independent, creative, and always so helpful! As a fellow middle child, I am well aware that her placement in the family is God-ordained. Middle children, they say, are some of the most well-adjusted adults. 🤣 (My sisters are rolling their eyes if they are reading this.) But Molly is awesome. We love her and are going to soak up this year with her!!!!!

She took her own first day of school pic. Josh took one of her and Mack. He wondered why that was bad. It wasn’t Mack’s first day. 😑

Love watching this girl grow and mature! She is a blessing to our family. Happy 17th Birthday!