Summer 2022

We are winding down a strange summer around here. Molly is back home from her summer internship. Mack continues to practice football every day. Ruby is doing some babysitting and watching Gilmore Girls and reading all the Hoover books as she awaits her move-in day to Liberty University. Josh stays busy with work and fine tuning his archery skills. I feel like I’m floundering in the most annoying, yet seemingly unavoidable ways.

I had hoped Ruby and Mack might endear themselves to one another this summer, but that hasn’t really shaken out. They like to argue, evidently. One day I believe they will be close friends. Just not today. 😊

Pictures, anyone?

Molly’s summer was one she will remember forever! So. Much. Fun. And so. Many. Amazing. People. Thank the Lord for making a way for her this summer. I would get pictures from friends who had spotted Molly around town or in church. There was not a lack of things to do and people to hang out with for Molly in Woodstock! But man, we are glad she is back home.

Mack spent a good bit of time hanging out with Josh and me. They’ve done a lot of fishing and football. He got his learners permit. Ruby got her 18 year old adult license. I spruced up our teeny tiny guest room. Most of the summer Molly’s room was used for storage—clothes Ruby didn’t want, dorm room supplies and packages that arrived almost daily—so I spent time in there cleaning before Molly came home in late July. We had some new landscaping installed in the front yard, which was unexpected. I was thinking about Josh and me planting some ivy. No one liked that idea, so this next plan got implemented in a flash. And I actually like how it turned out.

I truly want to spend some more time on here typing out words rolling around in my mind rather than just updates and photos. But there seems to be more pressing things to do—especially as this summer quickly comes to a close. Stay tuned for Ruby’s move in to college, Molly’s first day of her senior year and Mack’s first day of his new school. 🤪

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