Happy 43rd Birthday to Josh!

There is no one on the planet I would rather spend my days with than Josh. Words always fall short when I try to tell what I think and feel about who he is.

We took him to his favorite steak house for dinner, and he spent part of the time speaking life into each one of us. He told Ruby he loves seeing her interests come to light and encouraged her to lean into the direction God has for her and how He has made her. He told Molly what he admired about her ability to be herself and not be distracted by what those around her do—she’s comfortable in her skin and that’s a beautiful thing. After he told Mack to sit up and quit making jokes, he told him how proud he was of Mack overcoming a few personal challenges and having such a good attitude about school and just loving life in general. And he told the kids how much he loves me and appreciates all I do for the family and how he hopes and prays they are each able to find a spouse that encourages them the way I do him.

As I sat there watching the kids and listening to Josh, I was overcome with gratefulness. He loves us well. He is not a “showy” person at all—quietly, consistently, boldly, faithfully and with humility he lives his life and leads his family and loves the Lord.

And he is mine🥰

Happy 43rd birthday, Joshua Lee. You’re my favorite.

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