Our Molly is making lots of appearances on the blog lately. I’ll work to post about the other two very soon!

Molly turns 15 today! She is a great blessing to our family. She’s a peacemaker, and we need one of those in the family!!!! Ruby and Mack are more like pot-stirrers, so Molly brings some calm.

She has always been a very independent little girl….besides that long season of toddlerhood where she followed me around very calmly repeating, “Hold me. Mama, hold me. Hold me, Mama.” No whining. No voice inflection. Just a monotone, consistent repetition of that phrase.

We love you Molly Moodle!!! You’re a great help around the house and keep us connected to people—that’s you’re favorite thing—being with people. We thank God He put you in the middle even though we were caught quite off guard! God knew what He was doing! Happy 15th Birthday!

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