Might regret this purchase🤣

Molly has been asking for drums for her birthday for quite a while. She’s proven herself to be someone who will teach herself how to play instruments, so we thought we’d give in to her request.

And she’s been practicing and it’s even more of a blessing that school starts back Wednesday because ohmygoodnessthereisalotofnoisecomingoutofthatroom.

This is Molly being silly and posing “like those girls that show their butts in their prom dress.”🤷🏼‍♀️
This is Dad and Mom who are already unsure of their drum purchase but are thankful for a child who wants to learn new things. Molly always has pushed us out of comfort zones. ❤️

More birthday photos to come! It’s not til Tuesday. We probably should have not let her “open” the drums til then.