Thanksgiving Prep, proceed with caution

Josh and I are so very different. I think our differences complement each other, and I am reminded of this chasm between our likes and dislikes as we prepare for Thanksgiving.  I won’t even be mentioning our preferences in dressing…it would surely lead to an argument.

Thanksgiving tops my holiday list, but not for the turkey and dressing (no matter which type we’re serving) or football games that follow, but rather, it tops my list because it is the most “be with your people” holiday. I can be found ordering a new game we can play as a family (the new enneagram game should be arriving today!) or rearranging my sitting room so we can set up a table for a puzzle. Puzzles are relaxing and bring people together to talk and work together.

Josh, on the other hand, can be found checking my grocery list and forbidding me from buying off- brand anything. “Buy what we like.” He can be found double checking my recipes to be sure they are the tried and true ones because “this isn’t the time to try something new out on our family and friends.” He can be found watching videos on the exact technique for smoking a turkey on his Yoder and ordering seasoning that you must have to ensure the best flavor of that smoking turkey. He is also sure to talk about the importance of a solid, sturdy paper plate. “This is not the time for flimsy plates. People are here to eat.”

Though we both enjoy family, food, and fun, it’s quite clear—he’s all about the food;  I’m more about the family. I’m happy because we have all been together. Josh is happy that we have all been together eating really good food. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! May your turkey be delicious and not one puzzle piece be lost. 


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