Pray for your kids.

IMG_7922.jpegI bought three small spiral notebooks with the intention of writing out my prayers for each of my kids. It’s easier to pray for the kids as a set. RubyMollyMack. I can pray for all of them to walk in God’s purposes, pray for all of them to have good days at school, pray for all of them to want to read their Bible, pray for all of them to honor, respect and obey their parents. A-hem.

But there is something about drawing a distinct line between each of them and seeing them as they are— individuals that have specific needs and challenges, individual areas of struggles and strengths. Somehow those three little spiral notebooks have helped me to zero in on what God wants me to pray for 15 year old Ruby. For 14 year old Molly. For 12 year old Mack. 

I even left the notebooks open on the island last week and asked them to write out something they want me to pray for them about. What a gift. I won’t share those requests with you, but suffice it to say that it was revealing of where each of their hearts were. It was eye-opening and helpful for me as their Mama. My heart softened as I saw their own handwriting spelling out their cares and concerns. 

Mamas, I know your to-do list is long. I know the laundry will not quit. I know your family will be hungry at dinner time and likely will look to you for the food. I know you feel overlooked and undervalued lots of days. But if I could sit across from you, I would boldly grab your precious face in my hands and say YOU ARE SO VALUABLE AS THE MOM. {Ok, so maybe I wouldn’t grab your face because that could be weird, but I would want your full attention.} No one else does your job quite like you. God sees you. God cares for you. God also hears your prayers for your children. He knows what they need before you do. Entrust them to your faithful Creator who loves them perfectly.