Molly is 14


This is our family before heading out the door for Molly’s birthday dinner.


This is the table we sat at while we waited two hours to get our food.


This is the photo we got a lady to take for us after dinner. She wasn’t all that happy to do it, but this is the party group.


This is Molly with her cake that states a fact: “Molly is 14.”


This is Noah standing with his fact cake: “Noah is 21.” (Except he won’t be til Tuesday.)

And this blog is a post to poke fun at myself, as all of the birthday party attendees did when they saw my choice of wording on the cakes. Josh and I had tried to be creative. We came up with some funny sayings to put on the cakes, but couldn’t decide. Then, I was left alone and was feeling DECISION FATIGUE after the past couple of weeks. So this is what they got. The facts. And a very funny birthday song Grant came up with after being inspired by these facts on the cookie cakes.

But the fact is–Molly is awesome. I love her so much. I love how God made her and how she stretches me in a million ways. She is a people person to the core. The more, the merrier is her life motto. She cannot have enough of partying and people and talking. She was born a teenager. Persistent is the word that most described her as a little girl. And she is still persistent today, but I seem to handle it better…or ignore it….not sure which. She likes peace and does her best to make peace all around her. She loves music and worshipping. She is independent and has a ton of common sense. I always call on her to do stuff for me or find stuff for me. I am grateful for 14 years of Molly in our life!

Happy Birthday, Molly-Moo! We love you.

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