New Beginnings

This day arrived. It really did happen. The kids started traditional school today for the first time in their lives. 


I often got the question throughout the past ten years, “Will you homeschool the whole way through?” 

I always thought I would, but I wasn’t arrogant enough to think I had a ten year plan for my life, so I usually answered with, “We just take it year by year.” And for the most part that was true. 

But today marked the official end of ten years of homeschooling and fifteen years of just being with my kids every day. They never even attended Wee School or Mother’s Morning Out. I always felt so responsible for them, and I never had a peace about spending money on someone else taking care of my kids when I was home and not working outside of the home. I’m not sure that was right thinking, but it was my reality nonetheless.

But this morning, with lunchboxes packed, bookbags hoisted over backs, and some butterflies in bellies, we drove to their new school. I was feeling strong and happy…giddy even. Until I walked inside to participate in surprising the middle schoolers with a parent tunnel as they made their way to their first class. The parents were cheering and clapping. I felt the tears coming, but I was fighting them off hard. Biting my lip. Looking away. Clearing my throat. Smiling, but not making eye contact with anyone. 

But they came anyway. Dripping slowly out while we cheered for the kids. I spotted my freckled face seventh grader and made sure he saw me without making too big of a deal about it. And once the line was over, I wanted to high tail it to my car to cry, but I managed to walk composed through the parking lot. “Enjoy the Journey” played through my phone into my car as soon as I started driving…I did not set that song to play and haven’t heard it in many, many months. And the tears came heavy. It has been an amazing journey as mom and homeschool mom, and I know this new section of our journey will be just as amazing. Deep gratitude filled my heart and mind as I thought about God’s good guiding hand on our lives. 

Even this week God met me in the pages of Exodus. I read about the Israelite’s deliverance from Egypt as slaves {not to compare homeschooling to slavery or being with my kids every day as something I needed deliverance from…though some days that wouldn’t be a stretch}. But God told Moses and Aaron that “This month should be the beginning of months for you…” The word BEGINNING jumped off the page to me. God is ever the God of new beginnings. He guides us to new places. He supplies our needs in the new places. He calms our fears in the new places. We get to proclaim His faithfulness in the new places as He proves His trustworthiness to us over and over again.

I rode the rest of the way home without crying until I got to a stop sign in my neighborhood and saw this:


Oh my gracious!!! Here come the tears again. I just can’t help but think God timed this. A little glance back to when my three were right with me in those younger years. I wanted to roll my window down and cheer on that mom—the same way I had cheered for those middle schoolers this morning. “Woooohhooooooo!!! You go, Mama!!! Look at you peddaling that bike with your baby attached. And wow, you are keeping three humans alive and thriving. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!! I see you!!!!! What you are doing matters more than you know!!! Keep, It. Up.!!!!!!!” 

And I wouldn’t say this outloud to her, but I would know it in my heart—The days are long, but the years are short. Enjoy the journey with your children. 

And never forget that you are God’s child on your own journey with Him. Enjoy Him. Listen to Him. He is your biggest cheerleader. 

“In Your lovingkindness You have led the people whom You have redeemed; In Your strength You have guided them to Your holy habitation.” Exodus 15:13

        Ruby (10th grade), Molly (9th grade), Mack (7th grade)

MOM-retired teacher                        ROLO- confused dog

5 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Now, You Made Me CRY!!! You are Precious, just like Your Precious Children!! I Love You, ALWAYS HAVE!! This is a Wonderful Blog. Knowing where Your Trust and Faith has always been, and Your Children know it Also!! You are such An Inspiration!! Praying this will be A Great Year for You and Your Babies!!
    Still Praying for You, Your Sisters and Your Daddy!!
    Love You, Mama Sue😍

  2. I feel blessed to have met you years ago. You and your husband were a wonderful breath of fresh air when we moved to Georgia. We have very fond memories of our time at church with y’all. I feel I need you in my life as a mentor now! I will continue to read here and I know that will help. I am just beginning this homeschool journey and I am still in the confusing stages and some days where I just need a minute alone – just one minute- and there are often days that they never come. I wanted to know if you would be willing to impart some homeschool advice to me on curriculum- going the distance – etc. I will turn 42 in a couple of months and we celebrated 14 years of marriage last year. But, God also gave us a very late start on the parenthood journey with our adopted son. We brought him home 6- almost 7 years ago when he was 3 days old. That seems like forever ago, but here we are beginning school in a foreign country and I am feeling very overwhelmed. I am second guessing my curriculum and feeling very alone some — most days. Prayers for you. I know you enjoy the calm days and lunches on a Tuesday : ) But being without kids at home must seem strange at this point with so many schooling days under your belt.

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