This is our first full week of “real” school. I don’t know why we have been calling it “real school.” As if the past ten years have been fake school??? I don’t know, but here we are on Tuesday morning of the week and things are going well.

Ruby gives me a very methodical overview of her day that I follow with ease. Molly tells me random stories about this girl and that boy and what she did at lunch. Mack always starts with something negative. That is so special. But he does eventually end with telling me how fun P.E. is. 

The first evening, I sat with each kid and went through their binders and got a feel for how they were organized and went over their syllabus’ and teacher expectations. I got to Mack and told him to bring me his bookbag. “Umm, I didn’t bring anything home in my bookbag,” he said. “Well, just bring me your bookbag and let’s take a look,” I tell him…because surely there’s something in your bookbag from the first day of school. “Mom, I LITERALLY have nothing in my bookbag,” he clearly re-stated. And, indeed, he left everything in his locker because, “They said we didn’t need anything.”

I cleared it up with him that he should bring everything home for a while so that we can be sure we stay on top of assignments.

“Mom, you’re gonna have to let us do this on our own, ya know.”


And some have asked what I have been doing with all my time. My immediate thought is that I don’t know how in the world I homeschooled three kids. THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO! Things like laundry, cleaning bathrooms, grocery shopping, drycleaning runs, organizing cabinets that have been cluttered for too long, and many other chore-like things.  THEN, there’s the fun stuff like working out without feeling like I should be at home, reading for pleasure without guilt of ignoring my kids, walking the dog, meeting friends for lunch, and Target runs, of course.

Mondays are what I call “Moving Mondays.” I must keep moving—wake up for quiet time and coffee, take kids to school, go workout, home to clean bathrooms and do laundry, get dinner in crockpot, back for afternoon cardio workout and then pick up kids and then home to help kids with homework, finish dinner and eventually fall into bed.

Tuesdays are eventually going to be filled with a morning Bible study. Then, the afternoon will be bill paying, email sending, school check-in on the program that tells me how the kids are doing in their classes, a blog post, etc. And dinner prep. Always dinner prep. 

Not sure about Wednesday’s name yet. There will be a workout and eventually evening church. And Thursday is my free day where I aim for solitude and rest and reading, listening, prayer and HOME. Maybe “Thankful Thursday.” Friday is a workout and then I don’t know exactly….gearing up for the weekend, I suppose. 

But today could have been “Target Tuesday” because I totally dropped off the kids and went to roam Target. It was awesome. I thought clearly. I bought what I wanted and needed to buy. I am pretty sure Josh would not appreciate a legit “Target Tuesday” though. That place is dangerous. 

But I sure did have fun this morning. I’ve been doing laundry, talking with a friend, and snacking on chips and salsa in a quiet house. It’s a good Tuesday around here. 


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