Mother’s Day 2018


Today was a great Mother’s Day! I am not a fan of these holidays for some reason. I have no idea why exactly, but they just aren’t my favorite. I do enjoy the extra time with my family. Each kid wrote me a sweet note. Well, Ruby’s was extra sweet and long and specific. Molly’s was short and to the point. She may have written, “…sometimes you scare me, but usually I feel safe with you.” That girl! And Mack wrote how much he loved me, and he was sure to write “Happy Mother’s Day” in cursive in order to make me happy. So funny, these three kids.

I told them I remember the exact moment I met each of them face to face. What an amazing experience to become a mother. I am humbled that we were given three kids to love and raise.

And I also want my girls to know that being a mom isn’t the only way to live their lives. Maybe singleness is a calling on one of their lives. Maybe not having their own biological children will be part of their story. I don’t know how their lives will play out and what all God has for them. I am thankful to be honored for being a mom and working hard in our home; it is definitely not a walk in the park. And yet, neither is anything God calls us to. As long as they know they are following God with all their heart, I will be so happy.

And maybe that’s why these special holidays make me a little uncomfortable. There are women who aren’t mothers but want to be. Mothers who no longer have their kids alive on this earth. Kids who have lost their mothers. Kids who haven’t been loved the way they needed to be loved by their mother. So many conflicting thoughts about a day like today.

As this day comes to a close, I will choose to be thankful for the gift of being a mother to Ruby, Molly, and Mack.  I am thankful for my mom and all she did for me and for my sisters for so many years (three girls…can you imagine?!?).  I am thankful for Josh’s mom, Debbie, who is in heaven. She raised an awesome son that I get the privilege to be married to. I am thankful for the grandmothers that also poured into my life for many years. And I will pray that my girls will walk boldly in all God has for them–motherhood or not. And I will pray for those who have broken hearts on Mother’s Day.


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