Doggy Daycare, anyone?

Rolo went to her first day of daycare. This totally cracks me up. Mack rode with me this morning to drop her off.  He was a very attentive “daddy.”


Rolo was welcomed with her name on the board and smiling staff members that helped her get settled.  IMG_6012-1.jpeg

We could watch a DoggyCam from their website and see Rolo playing with her new friends. She got a great report when we picked her up this afternoon. They said she was sweet and very cute! And we bought five more days that we can schedule when we want to.


Rolo took a couple of naps this evening, and she ate a lot of food, too.  I think she had a fun day and will be happy to go back and play again. And I noticed that all the cool moms have doggy daycare totes, so I made sure we ordered one this evening. Rolo needs a cute bag for her toys and snacks and leashes, etc.

I never did daycare for my kids, so I think I will have a little fun with this.

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