Whole30: Round 1

Yesterday I finished 30 days of good eating. No sugar, no dairy, no grains, no legumes, no alcohol, no weighing yourself on the scale….among other things.  They say not to describe the plan with what you can NOT eat, but that is one way to explain it.

We ate chicken, beef, pork, Brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, butternut squash, cauliflower, broccoli, and various fruits and some almonds and cashews and dates from time to time. OH and eggs. Lots of eggs for breakfast and lots of guacamole with carrots.

I tried a delicious orange chicken recipe, a turkey meatloaf recipe, chicken meatballs and a few other chicken dishes. They all turned out delicious.

By far, the hardest part was just planning ahead. Getting caught without any good food to eat would have been bad. It wasn’t exactly easy to pay for the food either…a little expensive to buy all the good food!

The easiest part for me was no alcohol because I don’t drink. After that, the easiest part is probably giving up dairy. Dairy always hurts my stomach anyway, so as much as I love sour cream or some cheese every now and then, I could give it up and give up those pesky stomach pains afterwards.

The most surprising realization is that I like black coffee. Yep, no stevia. No creamer. I’ve been going without creamer for years, but the stevia was “needed,” or so I thought. Nope. Not needed.

They let you know what to expect pretty much each day.  And day four and five you want to kill all the people. It’s true. I was so mean and grumpy, but once I pushed through that ugly part, my face was clearer, my sleep was AMAZING, and I had more energy. So I was encouraged to keep going early on with such quick results.

They have many Non-Scale Victories, and I experienced most of them: happier, more outgoing, less anxious, fewer mood swings, fewer carb cravings, feeling in control of your food, fewer blemishes, stronger hair, flatter stomach, clothes fit better, less stomach pain, less chronic fatigue, sleeping more, falling asleep more easily, feeling more productive, no more night sweats, more energy when exercising, can lift heavier things, recover more effectively from workouts, new cooking skills, new recipes, food tastes better and more!

It went so well that I am not itching to re-introduce any of the foods I have cut out. Mack does not understand that at all.  “Mom, what will you eat first? Doughnuts? Candy?” He was like the Whole30 police to Josh and me.  He would ask, “You sure it’s ok for you to eat that?” often!!!! But he also celebrated with me this morning and was so happy that we completed the 30 days. Josh saw more weight loss than me. I’m not bitter about that at all.

So, maybe some of you are thinking about trying Whole30–I highly recommend it! It is definitely a re-set of sorts. Helps you know how food makes you feel. Because I knew what I was eating, I could tell that mushrooms and watermelon don’t sit well with me.  Those two foods came up on my food sensitivities test several years ago, and I think they still aren’t good for me to eat. But so many other good foods taste delicious and have no nasty side-effects!

Here is a before and after photo.  To be clear, the before is from November and then the after is today, after a sweaty workout. In addition to the Whole30 I have been moving more for about four months. I am so thankful for the exercise. It helps me so much!


So, let me go get my turkey meatloaf recipe out and start cooking dinner!

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