Football and Singing


It is such a beautiful spring here in Charlotte! I sit outside and enjoy it despite the pollen that coats my skin. My yard is so colorful (for now…sure wish azaleas would stick around a little longer!).

This has also been a full season in our lives with all the kids are involved in. Mack is playing tackle football for the first time and has loved it.  He has improved each week, and we are so happy he is having such a good time with it.

In this first video he was able to run in the extra points.  He is #58 that the coach talks to twice.

In the second video he gets a sack, which was fun for him!


Molly got a chance to sing at a local youth event last Friday night.  I thought they all did great!



And here is Ruby with Rolo. Ruby bathes her weekly and takes such good care of her. She got a VERY big haircut a couple of weeks ago because she had so many mats. She is going to a doggy daycare on Thursday in hopes of making friends and really liking it because, honestly, we need a break from her from time to time. Having a dog is like having a perpetual toddler.  If you’re on the fence about getting one, gimme a call. I can clear some things up for you. hahaha!

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