Augusta Trip

Friday, March 30th, I turned 41. Happy Birthday to me. I am officially IN my forties. Hmmm. Nothing to do but embrace it! And we took a trip to Augusta to see my sister’s new, old home. Technically, it is in Lincolnton, a town not too far from Augusta.

It is a beautiful old home with huge rooms and lots of windows and plenty of places to sit on the porches! The kids enjoyed playing baseball and kickball outside and hide-and-seek inside.





They all spent the night with Aunt Marcy and Uncle Jesse! Woke up and ate pancakes before starting more games of baseball in the back yard.


The sunset was gorgeous on a beautiful day with the family.  We spent Saturday and Sunday together for Easter.






Ruby (13), Molly (12), Jud (12), Vance (11), Mack (11), Kaybeth (10), Rennison (9), Rolo (6 months)


And let’s not forget that this was Rolo’s first weekend road trip! She did so good! Very relaxed and calm in the car. Such a funny dog. Julie, my mom’s 11 year old dog didn’t really want much to do with Rolo and was probably super glad when we were gone.  Cacy’s dog, Dingle, seemed to play well with her for the little bit they were around each other. We will keep inviting her on our trips if she keeps behaving herself!

Happy Easter! Thankful for the Risen Savior Who is the reason I can face every day! I do not know how people live without the truth of a living Savior in this broken world.

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