Mack turns 11

Oh me, oh my! My baby boy turned 11 today.  He is such a sweet kid, and I am so glad he was born. His love language is GIFTS, so when Josh said he wanted to see him open all of his gifts this evening, Mack was in pain.  He couldn’t believe he had to wait all. that. time. But he made it!

He even got to play his first tackle football game this week, so he has been a happy guy.





My mom and sister and her kiddos came to get Molly this week, so we had ice cream cake and sang to Mack for his birthday while they were here.

He had a great birthday, and he chose OUTBACK for dinner.  This mama was happy he changed his mind from “let’s just stay home and eat home-cooked hamburgers” to the steakhouse.


This cool kid is gonna rock being 11.


This is how Mack and Rolo ended his birthday. They are so cute.

At 11, Mack loves University of Georgia football. He is ecstatic about playing tackle football for the first time. He collects football cards and talks about football every day, a lot of the day. His favorite snack is chips. He loves PawPaw’s dressing. He begs his sisters to play outside with him every chance he gets. He sleeps upstairs in the girls’ room at least three times a week because he loves being with people. He likes history and writing.  And I have never met a more talkative 11 year old boy in all my life.  I love him so and think he is so fun to be with! Happy 11th birthday to Big Mack, Mack Attack, Mackie-boy!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Mack! I can’t believe he is 11! I remember him being in the bed baby room – he would “sing” himself to sleep and Miss Shirley and I would pat his little backside till he went to sleep ☺

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