Meet Rolo


I could have titled this blog entry “Hell Hath Frozen Over” or “Never Say Never” or “The Sacrificial Love of a Mother,” but I went with “Meet Rolo” to keep things simple.

Mack has been begging asking for a dog for years.  He is 10 years old, and I am making all his dreams come true.  He has posted this anonymous quote he saw in a magazine all around the house where I would be sure to see it.


So, I really didn’t have a choice in the matter, did I? This journey is a new one for our family. I remind the kids that they are at a GREAT age to learn responsibility and do EVERYTHING for this dog. And it’s my opinion that dog people are nice people.  Nicer than me. So maybe now I will learn to be a nice dog person. Worst case, I won’t change, but all of my kids will be nice dog people.

Rolo is a Lagotto Romagnolo –an Italian water dog. She seems to be adjusting quite well to her new home and family!


The ride home went smoothly.  No problems at all!


Wish me luck!

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