I have been quite aware of my need for Jesus in this season of life. It’s such a good thing, but it is also disturbing when you get glimpses of your mean self. The self that really envisioned me pushing a lady down who was super rude to me at the mall.  I didn’t actually push her down, but the desire was majorly there. Her need for Jesus helped me become aware of my need for Jesus.

Sometimes I am short with the kids, selfish with my time, impatient with Josh’s schedule, frustrated with my ‘to-do’ list, lazy, cranky, judgmental, sarcastic, prideful….need I go on? Gracious. What a broken vessel I am. And I encounter many other broken vessels throughout my day. And you are a broken, needy person that also encounters many other broken, needy people throughout your day.

I read Psalm 86 and could agree with the Psalmist in verse 1, “I am afflicted and needy.”

Yep. That’s me.

Then, the chapter goes on and describes God as being a listener, being gracious and good, ready to forgive, abundant in lovingkindness, the one true God, great, doing wondrous deeds, my teacher, deliverer, loving and merciful and gracious, slow to anger, faithful, helper to me, and my Comforter.

Yep. That’s God.

And the Gospel is that He came to this earth for broken, needy sinners–like me. Sometimes I wrongly find comfort in my good attitude or kind responses to mean people or I feel more lovable when I am seemingly doing the good Christian things. That is simply not true. Jesus loves me even in my sin. There is nothing I do to earn His love and nothing I do causes His love for me to diminish. This is so upside down from how we humans tend to think.

“There Is A Mountain” is a song by Caroline Cobb that expresses our need and Jesus as the meeter of our need.  This Christmas season I am most thankful that Jesus humbled Himself and set an example of walking in humility and graciousness. And I am thankful this is a gift anyone can receive. Even if you have received the gift of salvation years ago, we sometimes need reminding that we didn’t do anything to get to Jesus. And we don’t keep His love by our ‘good Christian deeds.’ He did it all and offers us all we need for all time.

“Come with open hands, in need. Come hearts broken, bended knee. A gift can only be received. Come to the mountain; He carries the crippled to the feast. Come to the table. Come sit, He has saved you a seat. Come eat and drink without money, without cost because He has paid it on the cross.”



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