Proverbs: Get Wisdom

We are entering the part of the year in which all I want to do is snuggle up by the fire and read books as I admire the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree.

Alas, we don’t always get to do what we want.

So we are still getting up and doing our home school gig. I give pep talks to all of us on a regular basis– “Three weeks, kids.  Three solid, strong weeks of school and then we get a big Christmas break. We can do it. Let’s just push through and keep plodding along with what we’ve been doing. Before you know it, we will have our break!”

Since we completed our 30 Days to Understanding the Bible book, I was contemplating what kind of Bible study I wanted us to do together at breakfast to start our school day. I decided that I had been enjoying and learning so much from my daily Proverbs that I would do that with the kids. I shared with them how I read the Proverbs that coincides with  the date of the month. I ask God to point out verses for me to focus on, and He does. I write those down and then I write out my prayer on the other side of my journal–prayer relating to the verses I read.


After I read the chapter from Proverbs, each child focuses on one verse and tells what they think it means for us. We have had great conversations! These moments are such amazing reminders to me as to WHY I home school.  These unhurried times in God’s Word with connection being made to our own lives and what God’s Word says are absolutely priceless.  It is what I value more than any other thing about home schooling. And I do enjoy other parts. But this, this is the main thing. I am not in control of many choices my kids make or will make.  I cannot determine what they will be when they grow up or what kind of character they have as they work their job. But what I am responsible for–pointing my kids to Jesus in all things–I pray I am doing well.  I have my doubts about any of my kids loving science since I might groan any time anything about science comes up and just go ahead and let me jump off a bridge rather than helping with a science project. BUT, fostering a love for God and His Word is woven into our days. Thank the Lord for His gracious work in my life that allows me to know this is the most important work of my life. 



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