Thanksgiving 2017 in Charlotte

I know you’ve heard the quote, “The only thing that is constant is change.” That is so true and has become more and more personal with each passing year.  This year we stayed in Charlotte for Thanksgiving and had my sister and her family, my mom and dad and Josh’s dad here. We had a great time, and I was so happy to have them in our home.

I talked to Aunt Pep earlier this week and we reminisced a little about Thanksgiving past when Deb (Josh’s mom) was here. We would always do a craft together, work on a puzzle in their home, and just have a great time.  I remember Thanksgivings before kids, though barely. And I remember the constant busy-ness on holidays with young kids–especially at my parent’s house when there were 7 kids 4 years old and under! And I can even reach back in my mind to Thanksgiving as a kid…always at MeMe Rhodes’ house for Thanksgiving lunch, sitting at the kid table with Bentley. MeMe’s dressing and million dollar pies. And Thanksgiving dinner at my other MeMe’s house with many cousins and chaotic togetherness. But now things are different.  Some of the people that have sat around our Thanksgiving table are no longer here on earth. And all of us who gather together are older. And now we live farther away from most of our Georgia family. We have grown, matured, and experienced so much as a family.  Change is inevitable.  It’s also sneaky and often shows up uninvited.

So even though we missed many of our family members this Thanksgiving, we did enjoy time at the table with family we love. We enjoyed the beautiful weather. We sat by the fire and had s’mores. We shared stories and ate too much, too! I am thankful they all made the drive to Charlotte to be together.  We have usually been the ones to drive year after year, so this change was a welcome one….and was very much appreciated!


Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, of course.  Ruby enjoys it the most of any of us.


These two boys played the entire time, non-stop football and games.IMG_3744.jpegIMG_3743-1.jpeg

Irvin is always a trooper. He brings so much good food with him!! IMG_3742-1.jpeg

Marcy and Jesse enjoying the fire.


A beautiful sunset Wednesday evening!


I loved catching bits of time with my sister…I feel like I don’t get to see her or talk to her very much. I loved seeing her kids and watching them play and hearing their stories. And I am glad my parents or Irvin didn’t have to do most of the work at their homes (though I know traveling is not easy!). And I am thankful my home wasn’t only filled with us five like it was last year…though last year’s Thanksgiving was perfect and just what we needed then…this year’s full house was perfect and just what we needed now.

And this evening we decided to pull out some Christmas decor. I wasn’t totally in the mood, but I am glad we did it!


I seriously cannot believe it is this time of year again. Wow.

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