Deliveries, Fallen Limbs, Road Trip and Family

Today we did school and waited on our new kitchen chairs to be delivered.  I was very excited to have them arrive!  The house is coming together, slowly but surely!

We were then able to go out on a walk.  The weather is absolutely perfect.

And here is the little “library” on the corner up from our home.  Ruby and I looked in it today and picked a book to take home.  It is the neatest little thing….


Let me show you the huge limb/part of a tree that fell off in our front yard while we were out of town….


It is rather large.  Thankfully, we have already had a couple of limbs fall, so we now have a tree guy!  He plans to come this week and do some more pruning and also cut this limb up and take down the whole tree. We are thankful it didn’t hit the house!

We were out of town because Josh’s step grandfather, who was 102 years old, passed away. We wanted to be there for Charlene, and we were glad we were able to make the trip.  We got to see my family on the way there and on the way home, as well as Irvin, Aunt Pep, Uncle Jerry, Uncle Tony, Aunt Denise, Al and Linda, Great Aunt Norma, Uncle Jason, Aunt Merrilee, and baby Deacon….and numerous other friends and family!  I especially like seeing SaraBess and Susan because they just remind me of Debbie so much.  They were all such good friends, and they know so much about how she was.  I am glad they got to see our kids, too!  Sweet ladies!

We also made a stop at Middle Georgia College in Cochran, GA.  What great memories!    You just don’t know how free you are during those college days.  At my age and with my responsibilities, I now know.  Too little, too late.  Riding those country roads and driving around campus flooded my mind with memories.  Loved it.


We told the kids about when Josh took me to Village Pizza intending to ask me to be his girlfriend.  I noticed he didn’t eat very much.  He said I talked the whole time and didn’t give him time to ask.  Not true….I don’t think.  He finally did ask once we got back to the dorm.  I told him I needed the weekend to pray and think about it.  (The kids did not understand what that was about… haha! ) Village Pizza is now a mexican restaurant.  Can I just say that I am so thankful that there weren’t chips, salsa and guacamole so nearby when I went to school there?  And Hardees is now Wendys.  I much prefer Wendys over Hardees, so again, I am thankful that it wasn’t there while I lived in Cochran. Freshman fifteen would be more like freshman forty.



Never would have dreamed that the past almost 20 years of knowing Josh would have been such a journey!  He’s a fabulous leader for our family and loves us all well.  He is NOT a boring husband, that is for sure. And to think it all started in the little town of Cochran, Georgia.  Thankful for the providence of God.


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