Simply Rest (easier said than done)

The weather here in Charlotte has been divine. Fall is my favorite season already, and I am enjoying it immensely in our new city. Long walks with the kids, sitting on the front steps watching the kids ride their bikes, eating lunch outdoors when we can.


Schooling the kids is the main way I spend my days. Math, History, Science, Reading and Writing.

So the days are calm. I’m a slow learner, but I think I am starting to embrace the season of rest that the Lord has given me. I went for a walk the other evening while Ruby was at a youth group social. I was praying as I walked and just said, “Lord, I am not re-hashing to you all of my thoughts and emotions. It’s exhausting, and I know you already know. I am going to listen to You. Anything You want to say?”

It was pretty clear what came to me next. I was immediately reminded of the simple (not easy) priorities from The Word of God.

1- Love God.
2- Love and respect Josh.
3- Love and train the kids.
4- Manage the home.

Short little sentences packed with a gracious plenty to keep my days full.

I remember reading in a book about how to be an excellent wife that it would be a good idea to ask your husband every day if there was something you could do for him. In the season I was in, with little needy kids, I laughed to myself at that piece of advice. I mean, you must be kidding. I wasn’t asking anybody for anything extra to do in my day. I knew I was going to work my tail off around the house and for the kids…that’s what I would be doing!

But it has been a helpful question to ask lately. It’s a reminder that I am Josh’s helper, and I do want to help him. It makes me feel good to take something off of his plate. And it sets an example for my kids.  I mean, in your life, how many people are approachable?  How many people truly listen to you?  How many people are just available to be there for you?  How many people ask you how they can help you?  I want to be that kind of person.  If I want to be that approachable, caring, listening person, I can’t have a jam-packed life full of places to go and people to see.  I need margin in my life, and I am thankful for how God brought me to this place of such simplicity.  You can bet your bottom dollar I will pray and think very carefully before adding anything to my calendar. Not out of a selfish guarding of MY time, but out of a desire to “number my days that I may present to God a heart of wisdom.”  It matters how I spend my days.  And the way the Lord wants my days to look might be different than how other people want my days to look.  It might be different than I want my days to look, but I want to hear from Him.

I have been challenged in how I show love to my kids during these days, too. I am notorious for letting my kids know that, “I am not your maid!” In my ambitious spirit to make sure my kids are not total brats, I may have missed opportunities to serve them in ways that make them feel loved. Like when Molly forgets her drink at lunch, I want to say, “Didn’t you know you were going to want something to drink before you sat down at the sandwich and chips?” Instead, I could be an example to her of how to respond to someone who needs something or forgot to do something and needs help. When Mack asks for help when he is making his bed, I can joyfully walk in and help him. I know how much easier it is to make a double bed when you have someone on the other side, so why not give him a hand if I am able? And I definitely have time to help the kids.  It’s just them and me all day long—doing our school and going on walks.  That’s it!

Rest. Simplicity. Reminders.
Just what My Heavenly Father has ordered; I want to graciously, humbly, thankfully receive it.

I pray you are also hearing from The Lord in this season of your life.

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  1. Thank you for sharing how you are striving to meet the needs of Josh and your children. The Lord has recently convicted me in the ‘need meeting’ area of my life and your words are an encouragement. I find that I am annoyed when asked to meet needs caused by someone’s poor decisions…that is no good…when I am called to meet a need then I should meet it, regardless of how the need came to be…that is hard for me…but the Lord is working it out 🙂 Thanks again!

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