Funny Days

The days around here are so funny to me.  I wanted to document this so that I will remember the first days of this move and appreciate when things are calmer.

Yesterday, a couple of guys got here at 8am to remove all the old grout and put back down nice, bright white grout in the girls’ bathroom.  It made such a huge improvement in that 1952 bathroom!!!  The shower got new grout all around and everything was sealed up nicely.  Hopefully, no more leaking from this shower down to my room!

At the same time, a tree guy, Caleb, came by to give me a quote on taking down a few limbs from some trees in the yard.  He was so knowledgable and told me all about the different kinds of trees in my yard.  I wish I had know I was going to learn so much because I would have made sure the kids were with me out in the yard and counted it as a horticulture class. Caleb is a believer, and we got to talking about how he was an MK in Peru until he was 11 years old.  He informed me that there is an organization in Waxhaw named JAARS that I can take my kids to and learn about how they get the bible translated into other languages.  Very nice guy!  (Sidetone: There are benefits to living in one of those neighborhoods where they take down every tree and just build houses!  If hurricane Matthew brings too many strong winds to Charlotte, I’m not sure what our yard is going to look like!!)

The tree guy left, and then our yard guy, Cruz, came by to finish cutting up the huge limb that fell last week and loaded it on his truck to take away.

During that time, an older gentleman came by to ask me a “few” questions for the census.  Lots of personal questions, too!  Like, how much money we make and how old I am.  He realized my kids were home schooled and then proceeded to quiz them with math questions.  I don’t know why that annoys me so bad, but it does.  I would love to know if he asks kids who are schooled other ways if they can solve his math problems.

Ok, then David (we’re on a first name basis) came by.  He was here last week and the week before.  He is our chimney guy and installed our wood burning stove…evidently he needed to measure something one more time before the company felt comfortable ordering the last piece for our stove.  I will see him again next week when he comes back to install that last piece.

In between all of our visitors, we were schooling and fixing lunch and doing laundry.  I was reminded of this quote I saw the other day about all the regular, mundane stuff we do in a day.

FullSizeRender 9.jpg

So even all of these appointments with people in and out of the house can be used for God’s glory, instead of just thinking that they are interruptions in my day.  And when all the deliveries and work in the house are done and all we do is cook, clean, and do school together, it will all be important work.

I am instagramming our school stuff, so I don’t feel the need to document that here, but I am probably going to wish I had one day.  Maybe soon, if you’re lucky, I will do a home school post and update everyone (….whomever “everyone” is) on what we are learning  at the Dorminy Academy of Higher Learning.

I am sure you can hardly wait.

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