Ruby’s Spend the Night Party

Ruby doesn’t officially turn 12 until Thursday, but we had a few girls over Friday night to celebrate.  It was so fun for Ruby.  She planned it all.  She made the list of foods she wanted and types of ice cream and cake.  She also had a couple of crafts for them to do while they were here.  They watched a movie together and spent the night in the living room.  Each of them were so very kind and polite and fun.  I am thankful for the friends my kids have here!

Ruby had gifts for each of them.  A bible study for middle school girls, a notebook and a pillow case they would all decorate with stencils during the party.

They all read the first chapter together on Saturday morning and did the first quiet time day together.  I loved that.





Ruby, you planned a fun party!  I loved watching you with your friends.  I hope you love being 12!!  You are such a sweet daughter, and we love you very much!

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