I need a “time out”

A few days ago we stole a couple of hours away and let the kids swim in the neighborhood pool.  They played every pool game they could think of, and then they started a game I hadn’t seen them play before.

Ruby and Mack were pretending to fall off the stairs while Molly, their “mommy,” tried to get to them and pull them to safety.  As soon as one kid was safe, the mommy had to go help the other kid who fell in the pool.  Neither of the “kids” in this game could swim.

This little game went on and on.  No one else was at the pool, so I just let them keep playing like they were drowning. One would be saved from drowning and then other would need saving.  As soon as that one got to safety, the mommy had to go re-rescue the other one.  Molly the “mommy” decided that she had had enough.

“I need a time-out.  Someone else is gonna have to be the mommy.  I am exhausted!”

That little statement stood out to me.  Boy, how I can relate.

I haven’t blogged lately about stuff going on around here because some/most of the stuff going on around here is hard stuff.  Personal matters.  Little difficulties back-to-back that can make this mommy exhausted.  I, too, want to scream out,

“I need a time-out.  Someone else is gonna have to be the mommy.  I am exhausted!”

But that doesn’t happen.  There really is no time-out from being mommy.  But there is grace for each new day.

I was in the shower the other morning and the thoughts began bombarding me.  Almost oppressive, all the thoughts about “what if” this or “why didn’t I do that?” or “what will happen if this happens?” or “should we go this direction with this child?” or “that direction with the other one?”

I just kept thinking….“I have got to get to my Bible.”  And I did get there.  And the Lord met me there in my crazy thoughts and brought peace to my heart.

Ends up, I don’t need a time out from being the mommy.  I need some time in the Word and in my Heavenly Father’s presence.  He restores my exhausted soul.


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