Sick Mack!

Poor Mack!  He woke up early Saturday morning and told me he didn’t feel quite right. I told him he should lay back down, and we would wait and see how he felt after a bit more time.  Well….just a few minutes later he made a run for the toilet.  The stomach bug got the best of him.  It was a long morning of several visits to the bathroom, but finally he stopped throwing up.  He  was pitiful!  PawPaw had come to watch him play baseball, but he wasn’t able to play.  After the first throw up incident, he went and got on his uniform and told me he felt ok and could play.  Fifteen minutes later, he was back in the bathroom and told me that maybe he was wrong about being able to play.  It was so sad.  His coaches family brought a get well basket to our house and sent a video of the certificates being handed out.  It made him feel so much better.  What great friends we have!  The last game is next Saturday, and we are praying he is healthy and ready to play ball!  Here is what his day looked like:


Poor guy!  Everywhere he went, he fell asleep.

Today,  Mother’s Day, he felt much better, though he was very particular with what he ate.  Understandably so.  But while I was in Sunday School taking care of some responsibilities, I left him and Molly home to keep resting.  When I got home, here is what was waiting on my chair and at my place at the table for me.


He’s a sweety-pie.  I am so glad he feels better.


And just a side note…the main way to know that Mack feels better is that HE TALKS WHEN HE FEELS GOOD.  He doesn’t say much at all when he feels bad, but once he gets to feeling better, hold on to your hat.  Here come the words……so funny!

Trip to Augusta

We took a few days to go see my mom and dad and sisters and their families this past week.  I wanted to celebrate my mom for Mother’s Day and her birthday!  It was a fun time. I took my mom to breakfast one morning.  I heard my talented nieces and nephews play piano and guitar and drums and sing!  I was able to sit and talk with my sisters for several hours. And I was able to see a childhood friend that I hadn’t seen in quite a while.  Lots of fun packed in a short time.

One reason we went on a Wednesday was so I could see Jud and Kaybeth perform in their church kid’s production, Kingdom Connection.  It was awesome!  I could have cried through the whole thing…great message with very moving songs.

Aunt Cacy let them all spend the night at her house Wednesday night, which is always so fun for them.  She is the “fun Aunt.”  Marcy and I gladly give her that title.


Here is a picture of Kelly and me.  We met at Davidson Fine Arts School.  She invited my family to her church when I was in 5th grade, and we ended up going there for many years.  We rode the bus home together many a day!  We sat by each other every day in violin class, sharing a music stand. We went to the same high school and have stayed in touch through the years.  Very grateful for friendships that last despite miles  and miles between us and busy lives!


Thankful for the time we got to be with family this past week.  The kids LOVE playing with their cousins.  They always say they wish we lived there, on the same street as everyone else.  My favorite part was probably going to breakfast with my mom because I just don’t get one-on-one time with her very often.  A rare treat!  And a great way to kick of Mother’s Day weekend.


Thanks for having us!  It was fun!