I have so enjoyed this break from our regular routine.  We decided to take off of our regular school work schedule beginning with our NYC trip since we would come home, have a week and then the week of Christmas would be here!  It was a good decision.  I have been doing a little bit of Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, staying on top of laundry, and all of the other household responsibilities.  BUT more than that, I have been enjoying my kids.  I mean, not every second, but more than usual. 🙂 We get to read together unhurriedly.  We have watched Christmas movies on the couch together.  We are having my college roommate and her two girls over to bake and decorate sugar cookies.  I have listened to Ruby play her piano.  I even had enough room in my brain to have the thought of moving her keyboard downstairs to the school room (we are filling that room slap up! Molly also wanted her sewing machine downstairs many months ago….I guess they like it when we are all together!).  We are still plugging away on the puzzle I bought for this season, a nativity scene that I hope we get put together!).  Josh and I have a day date planned for knocking out those last few gifts we need to purchase, and I am so excited about that.

I am just thankful for this time of year!  Time to reflect on all the blessings of 2015.  Time to think about how Jesus, God in flesh, came to live a perfect life on earth, show us how to live, and then die for my sins, be raised to life after three days–conquering death!  What peace and hope He brings to those who believe.  Time to give gifts!  That is always fun.

We had our class Christmas party, and I didn’t take very many pictures this time!  I had my hands full of a sweet baby for lots of the time.  Such a good baby he was!!

We went to a concert the other night at church.  We didn’t stay the whole time because we are old and got tired, but it was fun while we were there.


Disclaimer on Molly–she had her fifth grade class party before the concert and decided to dress somewhat festively!  Love that girl.


It’s always more fun with friends!  These sweet friends won’t be here for much longer, but we sure have enjoyed catching back up with them!  Mack gets to go to Sunday School with T and has loved having another boy around!


Today we ran some errands and then I treated the kids to Bahama Bucks because, well, it doesn’t exactly feel like Christmas time here in Georgia!  So shaved iced was totally appropriate.

The store had a bunch of board games to choose from, so they played a game, ate their ice, and laughed a lot.  Mack was not underdressed at all.  The girls were overdressed…it is warm here!!!

So that is what we have been up to during our break.  I am so thankful.

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