Sweetest Nativity Ever

Mack did something special for me the other day. He knows I love nativity scenes.  We have one from Indonesia, Israel, Armenia, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Cancun, and the good ‘ol USA.

And now I have one built of LEGOS!


Ta-da!  I love it.

Of course, there is Mary and Josep and baby Jesus.  Then, you have the three wise men that look a little like burglars.  Bottom right shows the shepherd with sheep dogs and maybe that is Santa Claus on the horse.  Not quite sure.  But I do love it.

We made some sugar cookies yesterday in preparation for our sweet friends coming over to decorate with us.  I can’t wait to see my college room mate and wonderful friend and her girls!

And we babysat Georgie-poo.  He cracks us all up.

And last, but definitely not least…Ruby’s piano teacher sent this picture of Ruby to me from their group lesson the other night.  I am so proud of how Ruby is playing the piano.  A few years ago we asked her if she wanted to take lessons.  She said, “Nah.  I don’t really want to learn all of that stuff.”  But NOW?  She is loving it! Ruby likes to be alone.  She always has enjoyed playing by herself with her doll house or reading outloud all by herself. So I think this helps her with practicing.  She thrives being alone with her keyboard. She has been playing Christmas carols for weeks, and I just love hearing it sound throughout the house.  Such a big girl. Growing up so fast!


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