Weekend with The Iveys

We had a fun-filled weekend with my sister and her family.  It was so great to be with them and to have the kids playing together.  Mack was thrilled to have a boy around to throw the football with and play swords and stuff.  And the girls also had fun with Renn sleeping in their room with them and having another person to go to the concession stand with at Mack’s football game.  I didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted to…like I meant to get a picture of Marcy and Jesse with the puzzle all completed.  They worked on it while they were here and got it all finished late last night.  It was a group effort all weekend….and it reminded me of how much puzzles bring people together.  (I may or may not have said that off and on throughout the whole weekend to remind everyone what a great idea this table in the living room was!)  And we celebrated Vance’s 9th birthday with cake and ice cream, too.  It was just a nice weekend!  I am so glad that they came to see us.

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In addition to the puzzle, we played a couple of games.  Molly enjoyed watching Uncle Jesse learn how to play “Apples to Apples Junior.”

The cousins also got to go to Sunday School with Mack and see the girls lead worship in Kidzplace, so that was super fun!

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Thanks for visiting us, Iveys!  It was a terrific time!

And I have to add this one little story.  Vance and Renn are not used to seeing curly hair in all it’s glory in the morning, so when I came down Saturday morning in my pajamas, Vance looked at me with a smirk and said, “I like your hair,”  He later added that my hair was “wild.”  So funny.  I suppose I should have warned them about my hair before I made my entrance.  Wild and crazy is an understatement when referring to this mop.

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  1. We really enjoyed our visit!!! Thanks for having us. Vance and Renny miss the city cousins already 😉 Jesse and I enjoyed hanging out with you and Josh…and getting some time with Ruby, Molly, and Mack. Sunday school and church were great, as usual. It was a nice time and we need to plan another visit sooner rather than later! Love y’all!

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