Let’s Try This Again

Mack has spent many, many nights sleeping in the same room with his sisters. It has been very sweet and allowed for much sibling bonding. Lots of memories and late night giggles and story times.

However, Ruby claims Mack talks and acts up til very late into the night. She also says as soon as he wakes up, he starts “whispering” their names to see who is also awake.  He also does NOT respect the girls’ privacy. And he has yet to understand the following: “Don’t walk around naked…especially when your sisters are upstairs.”

And while I LOVE that he LOVES to be in the same room with them at night, let’s just face the facts—my kids spend a ton of time together. I don’t think it is too much, but it’s borderline too much. They need some space.  So we’re trying this whole, sleep-in-your-own-bed-at-night thing again.

Hoping these superheroes will be enough to keep him in his own bed.
(And I know I have had a lot of posts about the little man lately, so I will be sure to spotlight my darling daughters very soon!)


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