Don’t Be Jealous

So, evidently it’s Fall Break ’round here. A quick perusing of facebook shows sun and sand or Disney. 

So in an effort to make some others feel better about their “Fall Break,” let me see if I can review ours. 

Monday–Mack went to the doctor for a horrible sore throat and fever that ended up being a virus that must run its course. And it did. The girls and I did school—math and language arts. And laundry. I organized my linen closet. Fun times. 

Tuesday–More school. History and Math and Language Arts. A trip to Woodstock Market in the afternoon AND I got my ring appraised, which turned out to be a great thing. I asked them to help the platinum get back to being shiny instead of scratchy and dull. I felt like I got engaged all over again….except Josh was no where around. And the kids weren’t that impressed. And I painted a side table with the paint I got from Woodstock Market. Seaside….I like it. 

Maybe I won’t wait 15 years to get it shining again. 

Wednesday–We took a field trip to the mall to see the Lego exhibit. Kids loved hanging out with friends and eating at the mall. The Legos were impressive. And the kids got to spend time with their friends!


Then, I washed my couch cushion covers.

I know.  Fall Break has never been more glamorous. 

Tomorrow we’re planning for more school. And more laundry. And maybe a trip to Bahama Bucks for the kids. I mean, it is Fall Break!

In all seriousness, I am enjoying the week. I love being home and feeling productive in my domain. I paid bills today, negotiated a gas rate, and loaded in some numbers in our budget.

I’m reading a new book, and I love it. 

It’s very practical and just a great read for a mom!

So here in the Dorminy house we aren’t really having a Fall Break at all. Just doing the usual. Ruby tried to have a pity party tonight, so I reminded her of the fun trips we have coming….so she turned her frown upside down. And we turned on “I Love Lucy” episodes on amazon prime. They love those shows. 

Thankful for the break from football and piano and sewing and Timothy classes!  It’s been a great week!

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