6th, 5th and 3rd

We have had a great start here at The Dorminy Academy of Higher Learning.  I change the name every time I write a silly sentence like that….School is going great so far!  That’s what I really mean.

I’m honestly still amazed that this is how we school.  Home schooling is just one of those things that was totally not on my radar for all of my life until some time between the day Ruby was born and when she was about four years old.  I can only explain it as a God-thing.  He put it in my heart, placed me in a city with so much home school support, and allowed me to cross paths with tons of amazing families that home schooled.  It all became crystal clear, and I am so thankful for these days that have turned into years that I have been able to spend so much time with my kids.  It’s really my main reason for home schooling—to be with my kids.  I know, pretty simple…but that is the truth.  If I wanted them to be geniuses, I would definitely not be their teacher (though I do actually teach them real subjects and lessons!)

I’m learning more about each of my children and their individual giftedness, and I pray often that I would be a mom and Josh would be a dad that sees how God has gifted them and encourage them in the purposes of God in their lives.

I also have been praying for my family using the recent encouragement I have found in Priscilla Shirer’s FERVENT book (I’ve mentioned it several times on the blog, and I sure hope it is encouraging some of you to get the book). I’ve been praying daily that my kids would each take God seriously and find a refuge in Him and His Word.  I am asking God to teach them how to walk in His Truth every day of their lives.  I am praying that no unwholesome talk will come out of our mouths, but only words that build up and give grace to those who hear it.  I pray that God will build up a fervent love for each other and help us serve one another without complaining.  I ask that God will help our family pursue peace and the the building up of one another…not paying back evil for evil or insult for insult, but giving blessings instead!  He is faithful and all of His promises are true.

I am hopeful and expectant that God is going to use this school year to bring glory to His Name.  I am looking forward to how He will grow each of my kids in their relationship with Himself.  I am definitely hoping that they learn and love to learn over these next weeks and months.

Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; Fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

Also, I’m hoping this year I won’t have to say, “Don’t be a fool!” and quote Proverbs 1:7 when they complain about their work and despise my instruction.  But I will say it if I need to.

dormany family_-82My Ruby girl.  She is 11 years old and entering 6th grade.  She still loves to read and tell her sister and brother what to do.  She starts piano lessons this year.  She still serves on the Kidzplace worship team at church, and she loves to sing! She likes to play wrestle with Mack, though he is getting stronger and will soon easily overtake her. I often find her playing with her doll house, and I love her imagination! Her favorite food is probably potatoes, with hamburgers a close second.  I love hanging out with Ruby…she is more laid back than the other two when we are together.  She talks when she wants to, but never goes crazy with words, words and more words.  She is content to sit on the couch with me while we each read a book.  She says she would like to be a teacher or a reading tutor when she grows up. I say she should get a job reading books out loud for books on cd!  She is a great reader!

dormany family_-89

Sweet little Molly.  Love this girl.  She is still a constant do-er and mover.  It truly is amazing how the toddler’s personality stays with the child…she has always had to be in to something.  While the other two can sit mindlessly in front of a movie, Molly cannot.  She can be found making lists or making forms that she can fill out.  She still shows interest in handicapped things, but it isn’t quite the obsession it once was.  Maybe breaking her arm earlier this year took the fun out of it.  She loves babies and toddlers and will go up to random families at the pool to see if they will let her play with their baby (I’ve had to talk to her about this one).  She has enough hair on her head for ten little girls, and she wants it to grow to her feet. She wishes her hair was straight as a board….she got the wrong parents for that wish to ever come true.  She loves her friends and looks for any and every way to try and be with her friends.  She is great in the kitchen—can scramble eggs, make toast, cook a pizza, cut vegetables and make spaghetti.  She is often-times found serving Mack his breakfast.  She is so independent and doesn’t seem like just a nine year old, almost 10 year old.  I love her spirit, her persistent nature and her endless list of ideas…though sometimes it wears me out, I know these are good qualities. She says she wants to be a nurse or an orthopedic rehab person. I want her to keep sewing and have her own business making modest swimsuits, but I’m not sure that idea is gonna gain any momentum with Molly.  We shall see what God has planned for her!

dormany family_-93And Baby Mack!  Such a tender-hearted boy. (If you’ve stayed with me this far, you must love me and the kids or else you would have quit reading me tell how wonderful my kids are.) He will play Flag Football again this season.  He is showing an interest in the drums, but I am just afraid that I don’t want to go there yet.  He still loves Legos!  Do boys ever out grow them? His favorite place to be is home.  As he walks around the house, he usually has his hands full of something—a toy, guns or swords or tape and scissors with paper or a box nearby.  He absolutely keeps us laughing; he always has an audience at the dinner table, so that’s usually when he says all manner of things.  He talks a lot.  Like, a whole lot.  And he has the most sensitive heart!  He is quick to come to us and apologize and ask for forgiveness when he says or does something he shouldn’t have.  He says he wants to be a fireman when he grows up.  I think he will be a preacher or some type of public speaker…maybe a comedian…who knows!?!  He was super impressed that Tim Hawkins gets money for making people laugh.  And even though right now he says he wants to live with us forever, I do feel certain God has great plans for this boy that will call him to venture out of his mom and dad’s house.

So, there you have it.  The Dorminy kids whom I love so much.

Now let’s get to learning.

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