Kids Tell the Truth Sometimes

Kids have a way of saying what is on their minds.  It’s sometimes loving and kind…other times I may not want to hear it.  Like when Mack would squish my upper arm and tell me he likes how my arm is so soft. Or when Molly tells me one tooth of mine looks a little darker than all the rest.  Gee.  Thanks, Molly.

This afternoon I took the girls to a practice they had at church; Mack and I were hanging out together.  I walked in the parking lot of the church while he rode on his scooter and talked to me.  I was enjoying just being together.

We took a water break, and he started rummaging through my purse.  He was looking specifically for two coupons to Sonic he earned from VBS.  All the while he was digging through my stuff, he is saying, “Oh, Mom…come on, let’s go spend some time together.  I just want to do something with you.”  He holds up the precious coupons and grins that sweet little grin.  And I cave.  Off we go to Sonic since Mack just wanted to “spend some time together.”  I was enjoying our little walk and talk, but he was out for more.

On the way back to church he was thanking me for going to Sonic for him.  He is such a sweet kid.  We parked to wait for the girls, and I pulled up the live Senate floor vote on Defunding Planned Parenthood.

The man was calling the Senators names and then saying “aye” or “no.”  I explained to Mack what they were voting on and what “aye” or “no” meant.  I didn’t go into grotesque details of abortion, but I am pretty frank with my kids.  It’s killing babies while they are in their mother’s womb.  He asked a few questions–“Who all says it is ok to kill babies in their mommy?”  “Why would they vote “no?” “Should we stop paying taxes if the money goes to killing babies?”

I answered him as best as I could.  We kept hearing the caller say names of Senators and “no” or “aye” in the background.

He was playing with a toy from his Sonic kids meal, and I could see his little brain working.

And he looked right at me with his piercing blue eyes and those sweet freckles spread out all across his cheeks and nose and said, “Well, I’m glad you didn’t do abortions….because…well, I wouldn’t even be here if you did.”

Kids tell the truth sometimes.  And this was definitely one of those times.

After a few more minutes he said, “Hey, let’s pray for them to only say “aye” for the rest of the time.”

And he prayed, “Dear God, I pray that they would do all “aye”s for the rest of the time.  And I pray that one day abortions would not be ok anywhere in the whole world. Amen.”


Here are each of my kids in my womb.  I have these framed with Psalm 139 typed out under their sonogram picture.  A reminder that God formed them and knew them intimately in the womb.  He has a plan for each of them, and He is so glad they are here.  And so is this mama!  Thank you, Lord, for my children.

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  1. This one made me cry…I was JUST looking at the sonogram pictures still hanging in Vance’s room…wondered if I should take them down as he is pushing 9…but this post encourages me to leave them hanging…good reminder of LIFE and the CREATOR of life!!!!!!!

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