Nugget of Truth

So I know this isn’t breaking news to most parents, but I heard a little nugget of truth the other day.  Actually, I read it somewhere on some blog, and I don’t remember where exactly, but this one sentence stuck out to me.

Ready for it?……

Parenting is mostly listening.

Listening.  It sounds so simple.  Effortless even.

But it isn’t always as easy as I think it would be.

Listening means not talking.

Listening means eye contact.

Listening assumes I am approachable.

Listening often means close contact, smiles, nods and small sighs.

Listening means no tv, no phone, no screen to look at.

And when I listen to their silly stories about what just happened upstairs while they were playing or listen to them tell me about their crazy dream last night or listen to Mack tell me in detail about his lego creation or something else that may seem trivial to me, it sets the stage for them to come to me for the bigger conversations.

Hope you take advantage of some opportunities to listen to your kids today….I’m sure gonna try!

2 thoughts on “Nugget of Truth

  1. I’ve learned that “big” for a child is much different than “big” for an adult. To a child the lego castle they built might have been the most important part of their day, and not getting a turn with a toy may be a truly difficult experience. Since I began working more with children, and especially since I realized I was going to have my own child, I have realized that I need to stop being so self-centered by thinking that if it is not important to me it is not important period.

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