Weather App

What a storm we endured last night!  Whew.  I was extremely glad to pull in the garage last night after driving around in that awful mess.  I picked Ruby and a friend up from a Bible Study and quickly realized that things were looking rough.  We made it to our friend’s house and decided (after ten minutes of coercing and a prayer time with the girls) to run into the friend’s house and stay there until the worst of the storm had passed.  They have a toddler and a five year old and two older girls.  The five year old said, “Raise your hand if you’re freaked out!” and the toddler raised his hand…it was a bit of comic relief amid the lightning and thunder and rain and the smell of smoke coming from their garage.

I say all of this to say that my Weather App has gotten confused. I was using it often last night in that storm as I tried to figure out when the best time was to leave their house and then used it more to show Molly that, indeed, she could sleep in her own bed and that lightning wasn’t going to strike her in the top bunk.  Back to the Weather App debacle.  I got my new phone last year before we took our once-in-a-lifetime trip to Israel.  Because of this timing, I put Jerusalem, Israel into my Weather App so I knew what to wear and if I needed an umbrella or not, etc.  Ever since that trip, I would pull up my Weather App and the first city to pop up would be Jerusalem.  I couldn’t bring myself to delete that amazing city, so I kept it there and always checked to see what kind of weather Jerusalem was having before moving on to the blessed city of Woodstock.  It put a smile on my face because I immediately thought of those memorable days standing in Jerusalem, Israel.

However, something happened….and I am trying not to blame it fully on my DollyWood-loving kids…..but now every time I pull up my Weather App, the city of Pigeon Forge, TN pops up on my screen.  I mean, I like a good day at DollyWood and the cinnamon apple bread is divine, but it is a FAR CRY from Zion.

I’m going to need to figure out how to save Jerusalem as my preferred city.  No offense, Mrs. Parton.images


I found another jewel of a picture while scrolling through my old photos with the girls.

DSC_0004 131

Gran lived with PawPaw in south Georgia.  She didn’t let that interfere with her getting to know her grandkids.  She made sure she had Skype on her computer and would sit and chat with the kids often.  I can remember many days of teaching Ruby her Kindergarten curriculum upstairs and hearing Molly talking and singing with Gran on the computer.  Such a sweet memory.  I’m so glad the kids had these times with her; I wish she was still here to love on my kids!  She did that so well.

Old Pictures and Remembering God’s Faithfulness

Josh bought a laptop for me! It will assist me in my home school endeavors.  He may have been tired of me commandeering his laptop each Saturday or Sunday for making the weekly checklists for each kid…or maybe he just wants to encourage me as I attempt to teach our kids for another year!  I cannot even believe that the weekly checklist making will resume in just a few short weeks.  This has BY FAR been the shortest summer of my life. Anyway, on my new laptop I have access to all of my old pictures.  What used to take about half an hour to pull up one old picture on the desktop we have used for almost ten years, now takes two seconds. I ran across these jewels of the kids….

DSC_0014 5 He still likes Krispy Kreme. DSC_0001 6 She is still serious about her ribs. DSC_0001 16 And this one still doesn’t like when I try to fix her hair.

I even saw pictures of the house Josh contracted for us, and we lived in for about a year and a half….lots of people we know now have never seen it before. DSC_0004 96 It was a great house in a great location, but I am thankful for where we are now because I know God led us back to where we are.  He has been so patient with and gracious and faithful to us over the years.  The house is like a stone of remembrance.  Sometimes we drive around and find ourselves riding past the house, thanking God for never leaving us alone to figure out what was best for us.  He went before us and made a way, despite our stubborn selves!  Life is much more peaceful when you are waiting on the Lord, rather than when He is waiting on us.  Just this past week we had a situation arise that I believe was solely a faith test.  I’m not 100% sure how we did, but I did find myself praying all day long and waiting expectantly to see what God would do.  I also found myself confessing my sins often…of worry, anxiety, impatience, and hatred.  Whew.  It was a long week, but as always, God provided an answer…and a great one at that! It was a reminder that no matter what the circumstance or how long one must wait for an answer, God will be faithful; I want to be faithful to Him through those tough times when our circumstances tempt us to doubt and lack faith in God. I wouldn’t recommend designing and building a house, moving into it, and then having to move out of it in order to have such a “stone of remembrance.”  I would, however, challenge you to identify times in your life when God has shown Himself strong in your life and remember it!  Thank Him for it and look expectantly for how He will work in your life day in and day out.


I decided to paint the girls dresser that we have had for 11 years.  It was in Ruby’s nursery; it’s not the greatest quality, but it still works just fine


Before….with knobs removed and one coat of dark paint on the top.


After…and much better!  I love it when old pieces are revived and given new life.

I also worked on my hope chest that my parents gave me many, many years ago.  It has been in the garage storing a few wedding gifts I never use.


It has since been distressed and painted with a clear glaze; the girls will be using it for a piano bench.

I am quite pleased with how both projects turned out…and I feel complete now that I have painted something(s) in my house “Robin’s Egg Blue.”  My back, however, is not happy about all of the projects.  SOMEONE is getting old…

Summer Fun

We are having a great July!  Ruby has gone on a church trip to The Creation Museum. A friend is a chaperone and has sent pictures, which I greatly appreciate!


Mack hung out with Josh and me while Molly had a fun night away, a night she had been planning ever since she realized Ruby was going on her trip! He helped me deliver a meal and see some friends, he went shopping for paint with me and that night Mack got to hang out with us at a friend’s house who has THREE boys. No girls. Even the neighbor kids who came over were boys. He had a blast and played the entire time. He slept on our floor last night and then Josh let him get in our bed once he was out and getting ready for work. Mack ended up sleeping until I woke him up at 9:45!!!  He must have been exhausted.

Today we spent time at the pool when Nellie brought Molly back to us. We had a very nice time hanging out in the sun and water.

We recently finished another puzzle.

I finished staining my swing.

And I’m starting another painting project this evening. If it turns out well, I may post pictures.

Loving our summer so far ☀️

Psalm 11

I was reading in Psalm 11 this morning; it’s subtitle is The Lord a Refuge and Defense. I need these truths…who doesn’t?

From the times we live in to a very personal situation in my own life, this Psalm is applicable.

It speaks of a child of God telling Him about his enemies that are out for him, but not without first saying that his refuge is in the Lord.

“In the Lord I take refuge;

How can you say to my soul, “Flee as a bird to your mountain; For behold, the wicked bend the bow, They make ready their arrow upon the string to shoot in the darkness at the upright in heart. If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

Well, the writer is sounding quite desperate at this point, but G. Campbell Morgan points out this question: But can the foundations be destroyed??? NO! And how do we know that?  Let’s read on…..

“The Lord is in His holy temple; the Lord’s throne is in heaven; His eyes behold, His eyelids test the sons of men.  And the one who loves violence His soul hates.  Upon the wicked He will rain snares; Fire and brimstone and burning wind will be the portion of their cup. 

For The Lord is righteous,

He loves righteousness;

The upright will behold His face.”

Indeed, the Lord is a refuge and is my only Defense.  The circumstances tempt me to take things into my own hands or wring my hands over what the outcome might be or even doubt the goodness of God, wondering if He is really aware of what exactly is going on here. If I choose to only see the circumstances with human eyes, I miss the unseen…the foundation I say my life is built upon!

Here’s what G.C. Morgan says about all of that, “To reckon with circumstances and to leave God out of count, is to omit the principal factor in any and every situation.  What unutterable folly to confuse scaffolding with foundation.”

So whatever your circumstances or whatever your thoughts on the direction our world is heading morally, don’t leave God out of your reckoning! Remember your foundation and Who He is. Set up against all the doubts and frustrations the Truth and rest in Him as your refuge and defense.

Crazy blog won’t post my pictures in order!😕

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage imageimage    We’ve had a great weekend so far, and it’s only Friday night! I have been doing quite a bit of cleaning out inside the house, and Josh decided to clean out the garage this morning. It is truly amazingly ridiculous how much stuff one family can accumulate. But oh how good it feels to get rid of things you don’t use or need anymore. Josh cut the grass today also. I went for a walk…though I did contribute to the yard work by “babying” our gardenias. Josh had bought some fertilizer to help our little gardenias, and when I opened the bag I about barfed. It smelled like pure manure, which it probably was. It did claim to be organic…but that didn’t help me feel better or breathe any better. I gagged my way through fertilizing 5 little gardenias. Funny how I was lathering my gardenias soil with manure, yet hoping they will put off a beautiful fragrance. It surely won’t be smelling good around them any time soon! Gag. Of course the neighbor had to drive up and work on his jeep for a bit while I was doing this…our houses are really close together, so there’s no telling what he was thinking. He did cough several times; I wanted to explain what the awful smell was, but I just let it go. Anyway, after such a productive day, we decided to take everyone to Stoney River. Oh my! So delicious. The kids had never been to Stoney River. They bathed and dressed decently and even Mack fixed his hair! He talked the whole day and even more on the way to the restaurant. He was so excited! The hamburgers were as big as their heads! Molly got prime rib. She needs some reminders to not eat with her hands!! We went to a new shopping area, and I found some new kitchen knobs to help brighten up the kitchen with some color. I really liked how they looked, but I totally forgot about two knobs above the microwave. Booooo! Guess I’ll be going back tomorrow! This weekend we also hung our bench swing up as part of the kids swing set that they no longer use very much. I’ve already used it and really like where it is! A little stain may be in it’s future! (My blog is seriously acting up, so I’m not sure how all of this will actually show up!)

July 1

This is the first day of July, and I am thankful that we have had a great day being together. 

Devotions and coffee, puzzles and walks and lots of talks. I’m off of facebook for a while, and I am so thankful for the time I’ve wasted to be back!  

I woke up this morning with a weird longing to go into the kids rooms when they were babies. I know, strange, right? That sweet baby smell and adorable sounds. Ahhhh, well that is obviously impossible, so I just went down to get my coffee and my Bible. I used my new mug that my Bible Study ladies gave to me last night. It was our last night of summer Bible Study, and they were so generous to me with some gift cards, too! 

I had full intentions of taking a group picture, but I forgot!  So sad. Charity snapped a pic of us singing Happy Birthday to Felicia, our organizational/administrational guru!  


But I sure wish I could have gotten a picture of all the amazing women that came each week. We had a great time studying the sabbath principle together. 

As I was reading this morning, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs.  It was Mack; he came over and sat real close to me and chatted with me a while. So instead of me seeking him and the girls out in the mornings like I used to when they were babies, he came seeking me out. So sweet! 

 We are excited about our new puzzle!  


The kids with their Bible and devotion book❤️


We were thankful for the cloudy day!  It made for a nice walk. Mack talked to me the entire walk. Seriously, every step of the way. I love how he talks to me so much!  Ruby and Molly were behind us walking and listening to music on my phone, hence the picture. They always get tickled when Mack talks and talks and talks. 

Now I’m off to go help Ruby organize her clothes ( “as long as you don’t get mad,” Ruby said to me). I promised her I would just be there to help her get organized. I’ll have to bite my tongue, but I’m going to be helpful instead of angry. 😁

Here’s to hoping July is filled with many more days like this one.