Summer Fun

We are having a great July!  Ruby has gone on a church trip to The Creation Museum. A friend is a chaperone and has sent pictures, which I greatly appreciate!


Mack hung out with Josh and me while Molly had a fun night away, a night she had been planning ever since she realized Ruby was going on her trip! He helped me deliver a meal and see some friends, he went shopping for paint with me and that night Mack got to hang out with us at a friend’s house who has THREE boys. No girls. Even the neighbor kids who came over were boys. He had a blast and played the entire time. He slept on our floor last night and then Josh let him get in our bed once he was out and getting ready for work. Mack ended up sleeping until I woke him up at 9:45!!!  He must have been exhausted.

Today we spent time at the pool when Nellie brought Molly back to us. We had a very nice time hanging out in the sun and water.

We recently finished another puzzle.

I finished staining my swing.

And I’m starting another painting project this evening. If it turns out well, I may post pictures.

Loving our summer so far ☀️

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